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God is ready to accomplish the unfinished business he has for our lives, families, churches, cities and nations.

Moving Forward

Our mission here at Church on the Rock International (COTRI) is EMPOWERING LEADERS TO TRANSFORM NATIONS. God has birthed this movement and He is ready to move it to the next level of His purpose and plan. As the newly elected leader of COTRI, I believe that my task for this great movement is to allow God to FINISH WHAT HE’S BEGUN. COTRI was birthed as a PRAYER and CHURCH PLANTING movement and has been under the tremendous leadership of Dr. Lawrence Kennedy for over 20 years.

In the next few years, COTRI plans on working with apostolic leaders to PLANT THOUSANDS OF CHURCHES IN AMERICA AND AROUND THE WORLD because it’s in our spiritual DNA to do so! We are inviting you and your leadership team to participate in our Moving Forward Conference where we will be sharing the vision for COTRI, renewing relationships, offering a broad range of workshops and powerful services. Man, am I excited for what God’s about to do! God bless you!
In His great love,

Dr. Michael Maiden
President of Church on the Rock International
Lead Pastor at Church for the Nations

Empowering leaders to transform nations.


Also Speaking

Yinka Oyekan, Tony Holder, Jeff Wickwire, John Benefiel, Tad Matthews, Jay Threadgill and More!

Sharing the vision for Church on the Rock International

Worship & Arts

BJ & Melody Putnam

Pastors BJ & Melody Putnam have served as Worship & Arts pastors at CFTN for 14 years. They are intentional in writing and selecting the right songs that connect with people. They feel it is their mission to help people everywhere experience God’s presence. In this workshop, they will share their hearts, covering worship flow as well as practical aspects of leading people into prophetic worship.

Supernatural Class (Activating Signs and Wonders)

Bob & Debbie Putnam

Pastors Bob and Debbie have experienced a “Kingdom Lifestyle” over the past 41 years of ministry. Walking in the Supernatural can and should be the norm for every believer. They will be sharing testimonies and scripture that will increase your faith and your “right” to walk in the Supernatural favor of the Kingdom of God TODAY!

Prophetic Ministries

In the Prophetic Ministry workshop we will be providing prophetic ministry to the recipients by proven and credible ministry teams operating in the gift of prophecy. This workshop will not be teaching or training about prophetic ministry, but rather an opportunity for the recipients to receive personal prophecy into their life and ministries.

Church Planting

If you feel called to plant a church or are already leading a congregation (or network) and sense God leading you to plant more local churches, this session is just for you. This breakout will provide an overview of core strategies, processes and synergistic networks utilized by COTRI to empower pastors and local congregations to plant region-transforming local churches.


This workshop will focus on media in the live worship experience, video production for broadcast as well as using video for promotion. We will touch on live production roles, post production roles and media planning. Question and answer time will round out this inspiring seminar designed to equip you to take the media mountain for the Kingdom!

Leadership Training and Development

Dr. Allen McCray

The Pastoral Service Center provides leadership development, and counseling; life coaching certifications and mentoring for CFTN members, as well as the business community and other pastors and churches.

This workshop will show you how this department has brought consistency to the training and development of CFTN leadership.


For Love Our City Outreach workshop, we will be discussing current outreaches and methods. Also linking:
1. The most important thing in life (what you believe about God)
2. The second most important thing in life (what you believe about yourself)
3. The third most important thing in life (what you believe about others)

Keeping LOVE as the motive in every outreach we do.

Youth Ministries

We are raising world changers that are empowered to impact their families, schools, and cities. This workshop will show you the ways we structure our youth ministry to impact this generation.

Children Ministries

What you do matters! This workshop will cover how to handle the growing pains of developing an effective children’s department; from curriculum and safety procedures to creating a fun and engaging  environment.

Online Campus

For the Online Campus workshop, we will be covering the pastoral, technical, and social media aspects of online campus ministry.

Interactive Ministries

In this workshop, you will learn about the CFTN model for prayer partners, ushers, greeters, and security. We will talk about how to establish and maintain these teams within your congregations.

Business Mountain

This workshop is designed to provide attendees with an overview of the Business Mountain as part of the 7 Mountain Mandate referencing Dr Maiden’s book. The presentation will include practical information of why we lost the Business Mountain, the call to business leaders in the church to make business their mission field, what a typical class looks like, a model for how to develop your own Business Mountain Curriculum and concluding with the Business Mountain Declaration.



• Conference Opening ⇒ 7PM

THURSDAY OCT. 10TH - Registration begins 8:30AM

• Morning Session ⇒ 10AM
• Lunch ⇒ 12:00PM
• Workshop ⇒ 1:30-2:30PM
• Workshop ⇒ 3:00-4:00PM
• Dinner ⇒ 5:30-6:30PM
• Night Session ⇒ 7:00PM-9:30PM

FRIDAY OCT. 11TH - Registration begins 8:30AM

• Morning Session ⇒ 10AM
• Lunch ⇒ 12:00PM
• Workshop ⇒ 1:30-2:30PM
• Workshop ⇒ 3:00-4:00PM
• Dinner ⇒ 5:30-6:30PM
• Night Session ⇒ 7:00PM-9:30PM

Allowing God to finish what he's begun

Join us in this powerful event, and share in the vision for COTRI


Preferred Hotels

CFTN corporate discounts available at Hilton Squaw Peak Resort and Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort
For discount, use corporate code #N2650856 when booking
Visit or call (866)866-8122


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