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Engage with the Holy Spirit.

together in

Be activated in the ways of the Kingdom.

CFTN School of Ministry

An atmosphere promoting growth, community development, and discovery.

In our school, students learn, experience, and practice in a Presence-filled, classroom setting. The culture of love and grace in our school allows students to discover their gifts, take risks and practice what they learn in a safe environment, and discover and explore their Kingdom purpose within one or more of the Seven Mountains in society.

We create an atmosphere for students to also grow in community in small groups and various activations.

“Heaven is waiting for your greatness to emerge – this school cultivates greatness from within.”

Student testimonial

“Step on the other side of fear… this is a grace-filled, transformational school.”

Student testimonial

Reach. Train. Send.

We believe it is the call of God to train and equip people to advance the Kingdom through partnership with Christ, using their unique giftings to influence the Seven Mountains of Culture.

Students in our school are trained, equipped, activated, and sent, not just to minister in the church, but right where they’re at.

Our heart

Our heart is for you to encounter a community of love-filled, like-minded believers who are passionately pursuing the presence of God and are determined to discover all that is afforded to us in the Kingdom, in our grace-filled environment.

As we begin the journey of transformation, the school’s heart first and foremost is to see our students encounter and fall more in love with the Triune God. We desire our students to grow in the gifts of the Spirit and their unique talents and calling.

Our heart is that our students graduate from our school ready to take what they’ve learned out into the hurting world with a heart of love. We believe that information alone does not produce transformation — it is the result of a renewed mind and putting to practice what Jesus taught and did.

Our leaders

Pastor Mike Madien

Dr. Michael Maiden

Senior Pastor, CFTN

Destiny, purpose, calling and dreams aren’t just the special and unique prerogative of those in the “ministry.” GOD HAS GIVEN EVERY PERSON A DESTINY!

Everything in creation
Dr. McCray

Dr. Allen McCray

SOM Overseer

We come into this world with God’s blueprint on our lives. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is constantly trying to shape us into its image instead

finding God’s destiny for us

School overview

The CFTN School of Ministry is a 2-year, comprehensive, cross-cultural, cross-generational school where students engage with the Holy Spirit, learn together in community, and are activated in the ways of the Kingdom.

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Student life at SOM

At CFTN School of Ministry, our students discover an environment of freedom, love, and grace. Religion demands conformity, but life in the Kingdom gives room to express ourselves the way God created us to be!


In our school, students learn, experience, and grow in a Presence-filled, classroom setting. The culture of love and grace in our school allows students to discover their gifts, take risks and practice what they learn in a safe environment, and discover and explore their Kingdom purpose in this world.


Our students experience growth that catapults them into destiny. Our growth process is designed to address the whole person: spirit, soul, and body. No matter the place or level in life one is in, our goal in the school is always the same: growth.


Often in life, we long for connection but have a difficult time actually building the community that we so desire. In the School of Ministry at CFTN, students find that they have access to one another on a consistent basis and the opportunity to build relationships with the people they will run with all year long.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to be a CFTN member to attend the school?

A: No. You do not need to be a member. However, we encourage you to be plugged into your local church. It’s important to belong and worship with a community of believers

Q: How much does CFTN SOM cost?

A: $800 per semester (in person) and $900 (for hybrid (online/in-person). We have a fall and a spring semester.

Q: Is there an application fee?

A: The application fee is $50.

Q: Are there scholarships or discounts available?

A: Unfortunately, there are currently no scholarship or discounted tuition available.

Q: Are payment plans available?

A: There are two options available for payments:

1) Pay full amount at the beginning of the semester (August 1st and January 2nd). A 5% discount will apply to this option.

2) Pay monthly installments ($160 in-person) or ($180- Hybrid)

For those who are struggling with the above options, we will evaluate case by case for a potential monthly installment payment plan.  Email after you fill out your application for us to evaluate your situation.

Q: Are international students allowed to attend?

A: Students abroad are encouraged to sign-up for our online option.

Q: Are there any expenses outside of tuition?

A: Students are responsible to purchase any books that are required to be read throughout the school year. We do not provide housing, so students are responsible for housing and personal expenses.

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